Customers check out mopeds at Orphanage Mopeds on Thames Street at The Loom. — Photo by Sarah Pappalardo

I may be married to my bicycle, but there is another moving object of envy on the streets of Bushwick: a sweet, vintage moped.

That’s where The Loom‘s Orphanage Moped Shop comes in: a few months after their move from Greenpoint, owners Ryan Due and Nathan Isherwood are enjoying their new space, and new freedom to practice their craft.

“The rent was cheap, and this neighborhood… lets us get away with a lot more. It’s a lot more inviting for young people. There’s still like, an old guard back [in Greenpoint], so we can do a lot more here,” says Nathan.

A dozen or so orphaned mopeds are lined up outside of their storefront during the day, where you can find a new sibling for your inferior human-propelled bicycle. Orphanage focuses on restoration, building, and repair of mostly 1970s and 1980s-era mopeds – wheels that can help you avoid pesky laws like having a driver’s license or having insurance. Oh, and they look awesome, too.

You maybe have seen mopeds that Nathan and Ryan have worked on around Bushwick – many run in the $850-1000 range, a price that tempts me to give up on the MTA altogether. With an inexpensive moped, you’ve got the best of both commuter worlds. According to Nathan, “they’re easier, a lot less stress, they’re kind of in between bikes and motorcycles. Many of our bikes we restore are ones that you wouldn’t go nuts over if you wrecked it.”

They will be open and drinking during First Fridays at the Loom.

Orphanage Moped Shop
106 Thames Street
Open Tue-Fri 12pm-8pm | Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm