One of the first artists I wrote about on BushwickBK was East Williamsburg resident KRTS, so I’m happy to be able to write about him again now that he’s released this new mixtape, Remixes for Beards and Flannels. It’s a collection of his remixes all bundled together for free download.

The best tracks on the mix are his D’ Angelo and Tribe Called Quest remixes. Both move into quicker beats than he is known for, but he manages to explore new areas while continuing a theme consistent with most of his music. The tortured soul in the machine is ever present. And you can tell that he’s been listening to a lot of Joy Orbison and James Blake, who seem like natural influences pushing a similar sound to that of his own.

The Tribe joint, included below, is by far the best on the mix. I’ve kept it on repeat for a minute now. There’s also some odd choices on the remix tape, like Madonna and Run DMC. But anyone familiar with his music probably isn’t really that surprised. So go check his Bandcamp page, where you can preview each song.

<a href="">A Tribe Called Quest &#8211; Once Again (Krts Housed Disko Remix) by Krts</a>