vivian girls

Vivian Girls, left to right: Cassie Ramone, Kickball Katy, Fiona Campbell

Local girls done good Vivan Girls caused a stir last week when they announced that their drummer, Ali Koehler, was leaving to play in Best Coast full time. The band are currently on tour in Europe with their new drummer, Fiona Campbell, from Coasting. Singer/guitarist Cassie Ramone answered a few questions for us via email about their line-up change, their diverse third album, and what we can expect from side projects next year.

How is your current European tour going?  How Is Fiona fitting in with your routine?

Tour is going great! We had a few practices with Fiona in April, right before Katy moved to LA. Fiona and I practiced a lot just the two of us, and when Katy came back to New York to practice for tour it was awesome. She’s a perfect fit for our band – her drumming is extremely energetic but still very solid.

How did you meet Fiona?  Will she still be playing with Coasting?

Katy saw Fiona’s old band, the Coolies, play in New Brunswick in 2005. I met Fiona a few years ago through mutual friends in New York – it’s a very tight-knit scene and we would see each other around and at shows. She will still be playing with Coasting – we wouldn’t want Vivian Girls to take away from Coasting or anything else she’s doing.

What are your plans when you get back from Europe?  You’re playing ATP NY, and you just covered Bowie for War Child, anything else scheduled for the rest of the year?

We’re planning on playing a few basement shows and a few festival-type shows over the course of the next few months, but they aren’t announced yet. We’re also going to be doing some recording right after this tour.

What can we expect from your third album?

It’s going to be more expansive than anything we’ve done yet. We also want it to be more listenable than anything we’ve done while still keeping our sound. All the new songs we’ve written are really diverse – we have a few songs that are 6 or 7 minutes, and a few punk ragers, and some 60′s style pop songs. Also, the studio we’re recording at has its own reverb chamber, which is hard to come by but was a staple of any recording studio in the 60′s. We’re really excited about recording it. Jarvis Taveniere from Woods is going to be producing.

Do you have other projects you’re working on now besides Vivian Girls?

We took somewhat of a three-month break earlier this year, during which we had a lot of time to work on our various other endeavors. Katy and I are both the type of people who like to be busy all the time, so the break was really good for us. The big news is that we both recorded solo albums, which should be out in early 2011. I’ve also been working on recording for the Babies LP coming out on Shrimper later this year. I also had this art show in Chelsea and have been working on a lot of freelance art projects for other bands’ record covers. On Katy’s end, All Saints Day has two 7″s coming out on Art Fag soon and they will be playing more shows in the future.