Each week we’ll highlight a different song by a Bushwick band or artist we like. If you would like to have your band’s song considered, you can submit an MP3 here.

This week’s track comes from trio Old Monk, who got their start swapping recordings via the internet before the two founding members both ended up in Brooklyn. We’re not really for gimmicks, but if your band has a song called “Butter and Toast,” we’re at least going to give it a listen.

The intro suggests something psychedelic, but slides into a choppy rock blast. The opening flourish catches your attention, but the body of the song is just a fine piece of guitar pop. This is definitely one for fans of certain ’90s Glaswegian guitar bands, right down to the vocals. Old Monk have an EP featuring “Butter and Toast” free for download on their website. They’re currently working on an LP that we’ll be keeping an eye out for.