British financial intern Jill at Broadway near Myrtle. — Photos by Nicole Wasilewicz.

Anyone who has gone searching for the vintage look knows that finding the perfect $15 outfit is not as easy as it seems. The average grandmother’s house dress doesn’t make for fabulous street wear. Unless, of course, you’re Jill — a British chick with a great eye for patterns, a knack for modernizing with accessories, and a classic body type to go with classic tailoring. At least, the guys in front of the bodega sure thought so.

Jill, Intern

With racks upon racks of mismatched patterns, lengths, and styles, a good vintage store can bring on a serious case of epilepsy. But when you’re able to score that Top Gun jacket, those already broken-in cowboy boots, or the perfect granny dress without breaking the bank — even the best trained rummage maven can’t fight off the feeling of accomplishment. But the next step is crucial… introducing your newest find into a wardrobe without looking dated. In Jill’s case, Urban Outfitters sandals and a vintage belt from a different era spice up a dress with a classic form a look I like to call Hot Granny Chic.

What are you doing here in Bushwick?
I’m here from London for a year internship working for a financial conference company. It’s quite different here, not quite as nice as some parts back home. Everything is so vast. Everyone’s really friendly and very helpful. It’s just a cool city — always alive, you know.

How would you describe your style?
A little bit funky, not so harsh, not so black. I like to take old and worn things and make them fresh.

Is there anyone who you keep an eye on for fashion’s sake?
I’m always interested in what the Olsen twins are wearing. I like that whole sexy grandma look.

Where do you usually go shopping?
I do a lot of my shopping in Williamsburg. I need to do some more exploring here in Bushwick. It’s definitely on my list of things to do.

[Man walks by and whistles] How do you deal with guys hollering at you like that?
Ugh, it happens all the time. Not to sound like I’m oh-so-cute… it just comes with the territory. It’s the summer and I’m wearing a dress under the train tracks. It’s bound to happen. It happens in London, too.