Since Market Hotel was shut down in early April, we’ve been keeping a close eye on all details about when the beloved all ages space will reopen. So it was very exciting when Market co-founder Todd P posted on his Twitter feed on Friday:

“I’m happy to report that as of this morning, every summons written to Market Hotel on 4//3/2010 has been dismissed.”

This was followed immediately by:

“I should explain that this doesn’t mean Market reopens 2morrow. gotta complete the permit process or the fuzz will return.”

We went over to Market Hotel Sunday, where a small group had assembled for an intended publicity stunt. In the sun lit live room, t-shirts were spray painted with orange Ms in the style of the newly extended train line, with ‘Market Hotel’ stenciled underneath. The plan had been to don these t-shirts on the M into Manhattan and raise the profile of Market as alive and well. Unfortunately, the M train didn’t start along its new route until Monday morning, so subway plans are on hold for the moment.

We did learn from Market resident and evil yoga narrator Alaina Stamatis that some refurbishments are needed to get the space up to code, and money is currently being raise for the project. While anyone can appreciate the architectural beauty of their main stairwell, they definitely need a little work.

But if you’re on the M train this week, don’t be surprised if someone hands you a t-shirt.