Stacey at Myrtle and Broadway. Click to see the whole outfit. — Photos by Nicole Wasilewicz.

I stopped Stacey as she sipped on her kombucha in front of Mr. Kiwi’s because I was really digging her laid back school boy look. Surprisingly, this gal wearing a romper similar to Depression-era knickerbockers loves her stripper heels too.

Stacey, Unemployed

What is it about rompers that straight men hate? I’ve taken a poll of dudes I know and they tend to agree that they look like “big stupid diapers on the butt.” But us girls just can’t get enough… I mean, I love 90% of the rompers I see. Particularly, I love Stacey’s androgynous beggar boy look à la Gangs of New York. I bet if she threw on her stripper heels, the results of my scientific study would crumble.

Do you live in the neighborhood?
Yeah, I live over in Bed-Stuy just a few blocks over from here. I’m originally from Portland, Oregon.

Do you shop for clothes around where you live?
Um, not really. I don’t really go shopping that much anyway. I haven’t really done much shopping in Brooklyn. I don’t think there’s any up and coming stuff around here. I’m hoping to explore the thrift stores a little more.

Girls usually love to shop, why don’t you?
I’m just kind of broke all the time. I’ve collected a lot of stuff over the years so I try to recycle it. I’m unemployed right now, so this is pretty much it [laughs]…

Are you a big fan of rompers?
Yeah, definitely. This one is Richard Ruiz, I got it from a sample sale. It doesn’t really matter what you look like in the summer time, it’s all about staying comfortable in the heat. Loose clothing is good for that. When it gets unbearably hot I’m a big fan of rompers, for sure. Sometimes you can’t wear anything else… maybe like a $5 tank dress or something that you can sweat in. My style is really basic and simple.

Is there something the opposite of simple in your wardrobe that you really love?
Yeah, I like leopard print and I like stripper heels. Stuff like that sometimes, when you’re going out or something, you feel the urge for it. It’s fun to wear ugly offensive stuff like that too when you’re just trying to have fun.