I took my own advice and went to the Chocolate Bobka-presented Twin Sister / Pure Ecstasy / Weed Hounds show this weekend and what a joy it was. Free tacos courtesy of Los Hermanos TortillerĂ­a, vinyl spinning courtesy of DJ Rezound, and all three bands played solid sets to a packed, sweaty crowd.

Weed Hounds kicked things off, playing a set heavy on fuzzy guitars, energetic drums, and mellow vocals. Definitely an early 90′s Slumberland vibe.

You don’t see bands enjoy themselves on stage nearly as often as you should, but Twin Sister had smiles on their faces for nearly their whole set. They exhibit a lot of restraint in letting their songs naturally build, allowing sparse bass grooves to be gradually punctuated by some nicely-effected guitar sounds and spacey organ chords.

Pure Ecstasy finished off the night with some minimal, reverbed-doused tunes that left much of the audience in a pleasant haze. Pictures from the night are below!