We thought we’d take this “holiday” break to just inform BushwickBK’s users of some things that exist that you might not know about and developments to come.

* We’re working on a redesign that will feature not just the newest, but the most important and interesting content up top, more like a magazine. I won’t give it all away but there will be a lot of cool new stuff. If you have suggestions in the meantime, please let us know.

* Anna does the weekly Culture Picks and maintains the Culture Calendar, but she needs help. Anyone who can volunteer to help her fill the calendar with everything going on locally, please contact her at bushwickarts@gmail.com

* We need writers, lots and lots of writers. It’s been a struggle to find and keep talent, despite the fact that we pay. No, not a fortune, because we have little revenue, but if you’re good you could command standard freelance fees for your work. We need hard-news beat reporters, art critics, and culture writers of all sorts. As ever, if you have a news or other tip, please send to info@bushwickbk.com

* You can follow us on Twitter, but there is no special content there. It’s just a retweet of our feed.

* You can also follow us on Facebook, which is a bit more robust and will have occasional special content. You can also interact with other users — 680 as of right now — who are connected.

* The Greater Bushwick Classifieds waxes and wanes — check it out and post on it, always for free, in a similar manner as Craigslist but with better photo capabilities. Real estate, jobs, services, missed connections, anything. Hundreds of people a day are clicking through to it, so use it!

* Bushwick Music has a lot of local music on it — stream or download tracks from Bushwick-area artists and upload your own.