Owner Christine Guillen makes coffee at Barcey’s, newly opened at St. Nicholas and Stockholm. — Photos by Scarlett Lindeman

There are basically two options for drip coffee south of Flushing: bodega swill and Wyckoff Starr. Now, Barcey’s Coffee joins the short ranks for a place to go for a more nuanced cup. The newly opened corner shop offers Equal Exchange fair-trade, organic coffee in light and dark roasts, organic espresso drinks, and teas. Pastries from International Delights and bagels from Bagel Smith in Williamsburg, are delivered daily.

Barcey’s Coffee
143 St. Nicholas Avenue
Barcey’s sign on Stockholm.

Owners Christine and Ronald Guillen are entrepreneurs at heart. They live in the neighborhood and have tried various business models over the years, including exporting organic food to the Philippines, before finally hitting their mark with the café, which sits across the street from Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. The space is fresh, with cheery yellow walls and exposed brick, and is dubbed Barcey’s after Mrs. Guillen’s maiden name — Barcelona.

Mrs. Guillen, a petite woman with an eager smile, showed photos of the demolition process on her iPhone — in-action shots of her tiny frame smashing out plaster walls with a sledgehammer. “In the 80s, this was a hair salon. Vinyl floors, pink walls. Everything was pink!” she said.

Local medical workers come for strong coffee and bagels with cream cheese or the Elvis, a crunchy peanut butter and banana concoction on whole wheat — minus the addition of the King’s bacon. A group of bundled-up locals trail in. “Sorry Christine, I brought my own,” calls out an elderly woman clutching a Dunkin Donuts cup, “Your stuff is too strong… like Starbucks.” Mrs. Guillen doesn’t mind, “We already have regulars.”

There is tofu cream cheese and vegan pastries are coming soon, as well as a few hearty sandwich options. A roasted red pepper, hummus, and pesto sandwich on chewy ciabatta is savory and filling, all for a modest $5.50. Wifi and a phone line are scheduled to be up next week, so you can munch on whole-wheat croissants while checking your inbox for the 14th time in the hour.