Anti-capitalist warrior Henry Matyjewicz, better known as Poster Boy and made locally famous by Gawker et al, has been arrested again while sticking it to the Man in the Jefferson Street L station. As he sliced the heads off an ad, he was spotted by a police officer and tried to convince the cop to let him go — it was his first time, he argued. But then the officer, with his high-tech weapons of information domination, ran his name through the database, bringing Matyjewicz’s record to light.

Matyjewicz had recently completed 210 hours of “community service” mopping city buildings — all that will likely have been in vain as he has violated the terms of his deal. As he was arrested on the very day of his last trial jumping a subway turnstile, it seems it’s off to the reeducation center for this insurgent. Apple suits — and Dick Cheney — can rest easy tonight.

All in a day’s work of effrontery against the System.