This week, it’s what the world thinks Bushwick consists of in its entirety: lofts, from the skeezy to the bizarre to the magnificent, and all over the neighborhood.

$2075 — 3br: Hey, live in a spaceship. Or whatever this thing is. Bizarre shapes cut into the walls, ebonized wood floors, and stairways to (seemingly) nowhere! And in the middle, standard Home Depot cabinets. Is this an art piece? Anyway it’s huge and has great windows, but silver jumpsuit not included. The neighborhood is not much but the building itself has had a reputation as an arts community for many years.
PETS OK Eldert and Irving | street view | Halsey L

$1700 — 2br: Large-looking from the photos, with a huge wall of windows that flood the space with sunlight and nice finishes. I don’t think the location is correct, it’s probably more like Knickerbocker by the Morgan stop, not the actual intersection.
PETS OK | “Morgan and Knickerbocker” | street view | Morgan L

$2200 — 2br: The L Lofts are super nice but for the price you could just as easily end up with a disgusting — er, bohemian – unfinished loft in a building that still actually is a factory. Authentic, yes, comfortable, no — if you have the cash, go for this beautiful place with an insane terrace. Convenient to lots of food and shopping and right on top of the subway.
PETS OK | DeKalb and Wyckoff | street view | DeKalb L

$1150 — open: Small, bright loft on a great block — across from Famous Accountants gallery! — with views of the whole neighborhood. Convenient to food, shopping, transport.
CATS OK | Gates and St. Nicholas | street view | Myrtle-Wyckoff LM

$1400 — open: Well-appointed, pretty little loft at the Opera House on Arion — wood floors, brick walls, tin ceilings, attractive classic kitchen and bath.
PETS OK | Arion and Broadway | street view | Myrtle-Broadway JMZ