Those few days of spring-in-fall weather were certainly lovely, but it looks like things are getting back to normal (weather-wise). There’s too much to do to stay indoors, so time to layer it up and make it fashion for the winter months. This weekend is full of benefits for worthy causes — and in true Bushwick style, where there’s a cause, there’s a party! 

Friday (the 13th, as if things weren’t weird enough already), attend the "fundraiser from hell" at Starr Space benefiting Roberta’s Brooklyn Grange farm, a future one-acre rooftop farm in North Bushwick. "The goal of the farm is to establish a fiscally sustainable farm business in the city and provide fresh local produce to the restaurants and families in the neighborhood." $10 gets you Roberta’s food, tons of DJs and bands (including DJ Jon Santos, Team Robespierre and Wild Yaks), shot and beer specials, and possibly strippers (hey hey).

There are two big art openings in Morgantown. Factory Fresh presents A Hounding Obsession: "bringing together four elusive artists who each work seamlessly in between the worlds of graffiti and streetart." Nearby, "Ad Hoc Art & Eastern District are very pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Joe Vaux and Gilbert Oh."

Market Hotel hosts: The Damn Kakalack Moonshine Party.

Silent Barn has another very full weekend.

Bushwick Starr presents three nights of a hip.hop.puppet.ballet, "featuring six hand-made puppets (seven glorious puppeteers), three human ballet/Hip Hop/modern dancers AND a live DJ mixing and spinning each performance."

Saturday, K.I.M. Studios presents a fundraiser party to benefit flood victims in the Philippines. It’s only $5 before 11 ($10 after), is being held at a not-yet-opened Bushwick café Little Skips (I know how you kids want to the be the first to see stuff) and has some great sponsors, raffles, DJs, food — the whole deal.

BCat & CTown are at it again with their last variety show in 2009! Not will you witness the musical and MC-ing stylings of the 2 lovely ladies, but there are lots of funny folks on the bill including Johnny McNulty and Hari Kondabolu who are Seriously Funny. Go. (By the way, Brittain is also playing at the Kingdom on Thursday & half the bar sales go toward making her new album!)

Mr. Saturday Night presents Scott Grooves at Market Hotel (in "South Williamsburg").

Sunday, check out the closing day of the Play with Fire Festival at 1717 Troutman. Their PERFORMANCE NIGHT/Closing Party is from 4pm-12am and features: Kerry Downey, Ilan Katin, *Rafaël*, Masahiro Kahata, Nick Lesley, Alison Childs, Near East Family, vj set by Kinotek and LanVideosource.

Head to ISCP at 3pm for an Austin Thomas Art Stumble tour and talk of the studios and the exhibition of NEVERandagain. Kevin Regan (possibly assisted by yours truly) will be on hand doing readings on psychedelic drug ingestion.

Tuesday, don’t forget about Starr Space yoga (my personal crusade to keep quality yoga local continues). Also: join the Facebook group – they might add more classes!

Wednesday, attend Famous Accountants‘ first TV Party! "Fischli and Weiss’ The Way Things Go (1987) will be on the TV, selected by Kevin Regan in honor of the fact that they were declared the 19th most powerful players in the art world by Art Review. We would also like to mention that The Way Things Go (purchased by Mr. Regan from the dollar bin at an HMV before their bankruptcy) is one of the only works of art we’ve ever seen attract and hold a crowd at MOMA."

3rd Ward hosts a Lecture & Discussion : The Obsolete in Reverse // Robert Smithson & Science Fiction.

There’s a big show at Market Hotel featuring Cathexes, Stark & Nimo, Jason Anthony Harris, Galapagos Now!, The Living Kills, Completely Smitten With You.

Little Lungs, Chin Up, Merriweather at Silent Barn.