Scot Bowman, bartender at Northeast Kingdom. — Photo by Molly Hamilton. Click to see full version.

I’m still new to the neighborhood, apparently have been living under a rock, and had no idea that Northeast Kingdom was open for the post-dinner crowd. After an inaugural round, my roommate and I decided that our attentive and otherwise awesome bartender, Scot, was deserving of being a Bushwick Chic subject. In part because of his neighborly profession, it’s true, but also because of his throwback hat, worn backwards, and general approachable demeanor. I know the nineties “are coming back” or might have “come back” and left again, but there’s something perpetually awesome about the backwards hat. Slick and simple.

Scot Bowman, Bartender

Obviously what stood out about Scot was the hat; it’s camo, for one thing, not a print found on the faint of heart or the overly-concerned-about-style. Scot here makes it work, and with good reason; keeping his hair out of his face, and out of your drinks. Combined with retro baseball shoes and the dream team of seriously neutral grey jeans & black tee, what’s better to work in? Nothing. This and good service are reasons why you can feel great about tipping Scot well.

When did you move to New York? And did you first move to Bushwick?

Two and a half years, and yeah. [I've been here] two and a half years.

When you’re working at Northeast Kingdom, you see a lot of people; what’s the most ridiculous person, fashion-wise, you’ve seen come in?

Oh, there’s this one girl, I don’t know her name. But she usually comes in wearing a big fur jacket, huge, and kind of a Tinkerbell… I don’t know what you’d call it. What do you call it?

A tutu?

Yeah, and big high boots. And she has crazy red, curly hair. She’s…


Yeah. Amazing.

Does she tip well?

Not especially.

Fabulous people never tip well. What else do you do?

I have a music blog. The Sky Report.

So what inspires your ensemble?

I tend to kind of wear whatever’s clean, like the shoes I got from some baseball website.

And what inspired that?

A halloween costume. I was a baseball player one year. And these were just the most comfortable shoes to work in, so I wear them all the time. The hat I wear because I have in-between hair right now, and it’s really hard to keep it down.

Are you growing it out?

I mean, not intentionally. But yeah. I could shave it next week, I have no idea. But living in a windy city, if I walk out of the house without my hat on, it gets crazy.

So you’re more of a utilitarian when it comes to fashion?

Pretty much, yeah. I don’t really think about it.