Welcome to enjoy excellent cocktail at Lee’s Restaurant! — Photos by Scarlett Lindeman

Lee’s Restaurant is nothing you haven’t seen before. With thirty years under its belt, Lee’s is a step up from take-out joints with a menu heavy on Chinese-American standards like chow mein and egg foo young. Customers dip complementary fried wontons into dyed cornsyrup while workers sit around a table shelling beans. A sole turtle paddles around a half-full aquarium. And then there is the bar.

Tropical neon. Click for more.

Back in the corner is a large mirrored bar, stacked with 99 Bananas and coconut rum, like something your Uncle Lenny installed in his bachelor pad circa 1970. Lee’s serves special drinks in the tiki style — mai tais, zombies, and pineapple paradises served in a pineapple (NOTE: it’s ceramic, not fresh like the menu says). On the wall hangs a large wooden plaque which reads more like bordello options than actual beverage, including blow job, wet pusy, thug passion, and a woo woo. There are three dozen other offerings but unless you favor Robitussin as an aperitif, sip on something basic. A dram of Hennessey is only $5.50.

The egg drop soup tastes like a liquid omelet and there’s something faintly medicinal about the chicken chow mein but the shrimp are plump and the eggrolls are as big as chimichangas. With comfy booths, neon green track lighting, and Taylor Swift softly wafting through the air, Lee’s transports you to a different place and time, where going out for moo goo gai pan is an exotic endeavor. “I feel like I’m in the middle of Arkansas” a friend remarked. Pure America. 

Lee’s Restaurant
1546 Myrtle Ave. | 718-366-0114
Food: $6-$12,
Drinks: $6