Brrr! Bundle up, hunker down and get ready for a fab fall weekend in our lovely neighborhood. I’m personally on my way to accepting the fact that it’s already October and cooling off. C’mon — who doesn’t love a sweater or other fuzzy outerwear? It’s a bit of a quiet one on the home front, from my usual investigations, so feel free to add away in the comments section.

Tonight, check out the closing weekend of Bushwick Starr’s Rocky Philly. The rave reviews¬†keep pouring in!

Buffie Roseanne and Oliver Ralli (of Pass Kontrol) take over the Kingdom Den for a night of acoustic dreams.

Drew and the Medicinal Pen are slated for Goodbye Blue Monday and they’re so good. Also on the bill: Telecopy! Go see & hear.

Friday, and all weekend (including a late-night Saturday show) neighborhood staples Market Hotel and Silent Barn have full line-ups. Don’t ever say these folks never did anything for ya.

In art news, ISCP is hosting an opening reception for Picture Parlor V: LEAVE NO TRACE: Ridges, Troughs and Phantom Limbs organized by Margaret Liu Clinton.

Saturday: Get your poetry fix at CROWD @ Cafe Orwell featuring poets Todd Colby & Julian Brolaski and a musical performance by Zachary Cale.

Addtract Consortium is at it again at BFP East on Ingraham. It’s time for another Monduna: A Robot Masquerade featuring The Suite Unraveling, Jigsaw Soul, BlastOff, as well as costumes, drink specials and, of course, "robot photo booth."

If you’re in the market for a couple drinks and perhaps a dance, Tandem has been really hopping. I was in before last night’s Hotel/Motel party and it was already filling up way before dance time. I’m sure they’ll have some fantastic DJs on hand for your booty-shaking weekend.

Wednesday, Really? A Queer Night in Bushwick! is back in the Kingdom Den for more a more intimate evening of dancing (to the styles of DJ Paleboy), debauchery and drink specials (don’t forget to tip your bartenders).

Ad hoc notes: I just read this wonderful piece by Austin Thomas (artist and creator/curator of the former Pocket Utopia artists’ salon) about PU’s closing and her latest project, Art Stumble. It winds up with a recount of her first "stumble" through Bushwick that really made my day.

Also: I hear there’s going to be an opening of a hot new art space/collective in Greater Bushwick on October 24. Mark your calenders now.

Enjoy, team! I’ll be out of town, so please fill me in on what happens!