Now, without raising more than a finger. 

Started by artists who may have found themselves stranded in the studio at lunch time, Farm Cart is a new lunch delivery and catering service based in Bushwick. They take phone and web orders, promising delivery within 20 minutes. The ingredients are organic, the bread comes from the Sullivan Street Bakery, and the sandwich is a totally acceptable $7 (best to order as a team, since there is a $15 minimum).  

The original idea was to deliver sandwiches, but Farm Cart has expanded its services, and you can come to them now. Starting this week, you can buy them and special ginger lemonade at the Wyckoff Starr, and starting tomorrow (Friday) sandwiches will be available at Archive.  The original Farm Cart can be found Mondays and Thursdays only, on the courtyard/loading dock of 117 Grattan Street. 

Farm Cart is also providing sandwiches at this evening’s Bruce High Quality screening in Chelsea at X-Initiative

Farm Cart
Courtyard of 117 Grattan Street (Monday and Thursday, lunchtime)
Credit Cards Accepted, but call in advance.