We have been spottily covering some local politics for a while now, in an attempt to break down the extremely complex machinations of our political class. From the “social service organization” that is one of the biggest landlords in town, to crazy city council race antics, to outrageous back-room deals in Albany — yes, the major thread here is Vito Lopez — we have tried to present digestible bits to our readership, most of whom have no clue what goes on in local government. But unlike whoever occupies the White House, what’s important on a tangible level is those who occupy your council seats and even community boards.

In this vein, BushwickBK’s Aaron Short is moderating a discussion with Columbia University professor Nicole Marwell, author of the fascinating book, Bargaining for Brooklyn, which details how certain organizations and individuals have created loyal political strongholds throughout the borough.

Much has changed since Marwell’s book was published, particularly the relationship — formerly adversarial, now quite chummy — between the churches, State Assemblyman Vito Lopez, and Ridgewood-Bushwick Senior Citizens Council. It will be interesting to hear her take on these changes.

If you’d like to know more about these local characters, come to the Bushwick Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library on Saturday. For questions, please contact Lincoln Restler or call 917-783-7605.

Bushwick Branch
340 Bushwick Avenue
August 22nd | 2pm