Just when you think it’s all been done: conceptual hamburger art. That is only one of the many sparkling options before you for arts and entertainment in the Wick this weekend! Go see stuff!

Tonight, 3rd Ward is going clowny & circusy with The Bouffon Medicine Show. Free to get in/ cheap to drink and featuring: the grotesque, the manipulative and the ever charming.

As I type, it’s thundering and getting darker, but supposing that it doesn’t actually rain all day and night… go up to a rooftop on Lawton for a screening of work by Peter Buntaine and Lorenzo Gattorna of New York(er) Shorts.

The Kingdom Den will be full of talented and gorgeous babes this evening, all playin’ for ya: Buffie Roseanne, Susan Hwang and Amber Lee.
Friday, stop in and say goodbye to Ad Hoc as they present their final show in 49 Bogart Street. It will certainly mark a chapter closing in Morgantown.

Saturday, The Laundromat presents first event of its 2009 season, The Burger Show, an "exhibition of artwork and conceptual hamburgers … combining two of New York’s most beloved summer traditions: the group show, and the barbecue."  "The artists will prepare burgers at the gallery, each designed with an art historical or conceptual theme. Visitors may purchase a burger made by the artist of their choice (prices ranging from $5-20.)" Ok, please go to this.

B-Cat and C-Town Variety Show is back at it with a new show at Petri Space featuring: Sidecar, Gabe Pachecco, Dreadnought, Corn Mo and "that jerk" The Mayor.

There’s music to be heard at Silent Barn, Goodbye Blue Monday and Market Hotel — which is also home to the Night Train Speakeasy dance party super late night.

In "not-in-Bushwick-but-featuring-Bushwick-players news": there’s another edition of FEAST at the Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint.

Sunday, get your fine asses to Morgan Ave. It’s a very special, very interactive edition of Moviehouse. "First, Min Oh lets you ‘choose your own adventure’ … then using the latest drawing tablet technologies, VJ Shantell Martin illustrates the music that she hears." Moviehouse never disappoints. Go!

Tuesday, it’s a big night of lots of super hot, very now, blog buzz DJs on at Beauty Bar‘s iBomba. There are too many to list, so check out the lineup on the Culture Calendar.

Enjoy our little summer while it lasts, folks! Go out and have a wonderful weekend.