Dylan walking down desolate Meserole, with jungle as backdrop. — Photo by Molly Hamilton. Click to see full version.

I ran into Dylan on Meserole Street; he was walking by a particularly desolate, jungle-like area near the Morgan stop. There were two adorable wild kittens walking by right at that moment, and when I stopped to pet them he warned me not to, that they probably had diseases. His nostalgic 1940′s summer camp counselor getup was impressively put-together, so I snapped his photo and asked him some obnoxious questions.

Dylan Treleven, 21, fashion retail employee and student at Hunter College

Dylan’s ensemble was nostalgic without being stuffy; he had on some classic, tight-fitting boots and dark brown socks, khaki shorts, a pressed white cotton shirt, and a wool hat. Such a bygone-era aesthetic pairs nicely with a moustache and well-maintained haircut. He works at RRL in Manhattan and gets a lot of his clothes through the company, or from vintage stores.

What were you going for with today’s ensemble?
Gold. Summery. Comfortable.

It kind of looks like you’re going to go hunt animals on safari.
Actually, yesterday i just watched a home video from the 1950′s of a Rhodesian safari and the first image that you’re confronted with in the video is the killing and skinning of an elephant and then immediately after, they kill a zebra and skin that. It sort of turned me off of big game hunting. Still down with pheasant though.

So you don’t cite Teddy Roosevelt as a fashion inspiration? You’ve got the mustache.
His was bushier.

Yeah, when I was younger I would go hunting with my grandfather.

Why don’t you like kittens?
No, I’m just very allergic.