Patrick outside Bushwick Country Club on Grand Street. — Photo by Elizabeth Rabb. Click to enlarge.

This young man said he liked our camera. So, after we ruled out that he was not a really cheap hit man sent to do us in AND was not going to challenge us to a pick-up game of whiffle ball, we decided to take his photo. He agreed under the terms that he didn’t have to stand up.

Patrick, 23, Skate shop employee

It’s all about accessories. Anyone can pull off the gutter punk dirty black jeans, vintage Nike kicks and 80’s leather Members Only jacket. But when you pair that with a plastic baseball bat and a handkerchief tied to your zipper, you start to resemble a rough and tumble superhero who got kicked out of the club years before but can’t help still trolling the streets looking for criminals.

Why did you choose your outfit?
It was on my floor, and my buddy left this jacket at my house yesterday so I took it, but he drank all my beer so, I decided we’re even now.

It’s 70 degrees outside, aren’t you hot?
Yeah, but I like this jacket.

What’s with the whiffle bat?
In case my friend comes back and tries to take back his jacket.

Do you want to arm wrestle?
Yes, but I’ll win. (He won.)