I know many readers hyperventilate at the thought of new condos — no Bushwicker could possibly afford $250K for an apartment! unfair! — but the Observer begs to differ. After attending 38 Wilson‘s open house BBQ this weekend, the publication declares the pricing of the units “at home in their neighborhood.”

But think about it — a crappy-but-inhabitable two-family house in Bushwick is at least 450K if you want to live by the Bushwick-Aberdeen L stop. 38 is new, shiny, has views, is off the Morgan stop and its price is about what one unit in one of these two-families costs. And it has 15 of them, making them a much more efficient land use than a dinky house in this big city of ours. And you know, even if only rich people could afford this, at least it keeps them from moving into some poor family’s apartment. All that’s left is envy.