Greg, left; and Chelsea. — Photos by Laura Feinstein. Click to enlarge.

In an attempt to re-start-up some of the hot Bushwick clothing porn that was the short-lived "Street Style," we’ve contracted fashion buff Laura Feinstein to harrass you people on the streets of the neighborhood and show the rest of us what weird/fabulous ideas you may have in the way of dress. Or maybe you are just rocking your v-neck in a particularly amazing way — you know, like, you actually have some sort of chest to fill it out. We hope it gels into something solid, regular, and above all, entertaining — please also chime in with comments about what we should call this feature. –BushwickBK

Last Sunday, New York was turned into one huge concert as musicians all over the five boroughs took to the streets, nightclubs, and parks as part of Make Music Festival NYC. Here in Brooklyn, BushwickBK — when not being rained out of our own Make Music gig — roamed some of the local haunts to scope out some of the area’s most fashionable music lovers.

Greg Campbell, 31, Musician/Waiter, photo left
Where shot: Goodbye Blue Monday
Greg stood out for his summery ’20s throwback white linen attire amidst a sea of neon and flannel t-shirts and jeans. Something about him made us thirsty for a mint Julep and some sunshine. 

What inspired your outfit?
My band actually played at Make Music last year [on the summer solstice], so we all decided to dress summery. The stains are from when I got a little too drunk, and fell down, and then got a little sad.

What is the name of your band?
We’re called Maybe the Welders.

Chelsea Vigue, 26, photo right
Where shot: Northeast Kingdom
Despite the torrential downpour, Chelsea was bright and bouncy in pre-labor day white shoes, black spandex pants, and a cropped stripped sweater.  

What are you doing at Northeast Kingdom?
I’m actually in one of the bands playing, Lady Magma. We already played one show earlier today at the Rabbithole in Williamsburg and we’re going on later tonight.