Not exactly sure if Bushwick is tourist-ready at the moment, but its international image has been soaring since the British Airways’ in-flight magazine, High Life, published an article on how “1980s Manhattan” the neighborhood has become.

The piece uses adjectives like “underground”, “edgy”, “adventurous” and “quirky” to describe the Bushwick scene and promotes local favorites like the Wyckoff-Starr, Goodbye Blue Monday, Northeast Kingdom and a few art galleries. Best of all, the last sentence says, “Bushwick is just nine stops on the L train from Union Square, but it’s a 20-minute time warp to a golden age of New York cool.”

Just imagine a typical tourist’s photo album after a vacation in Bushwick: self-portraits in front of the Boar’s Head Rock Street distribution plant, rainbow-colored puddles, skinny people on double-decker bicycles and maybe a shot of that creepy Santa statue on Bogart Street – each picture holding precious memories of rotting garbage fumes and lost time in a vast industrial wasteland … hope no one leaves disappointed.