Something sultry was in the air on Sunday night.  Perhaps the Bushwick Action News team was right — a sweeping low pressure zone did make its way into Eastern District on Sunday.  It was a night of low-pressure, easy, come-hither rock n’ roll.  Pass Kontrol played one of it’s sexiest shows yet, channeling the depths of their red-hot, lurid, and passion fueled influences (Otis Redding perhaps?  Iggy Pop?), making the ladies and gentlemen of the audience scream and squirm on a whole new level.  By the time they broke out with Hot Potato, a favorite from the basements of Warsaw, the sweaty room was filled with dancing that threatened the surrounding artwork (thankfully no one was hurt), and closed the weekend with a succession of bangs.  There were many collaborations that night — including a skilled impromptu freestyle performance from an inspired audience member.

I spoke with Michael Cabrera, one of the owners of Eastern District, about the night as part of the Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do event which took place over the BOS weekend.  The concept was the different notes on a scale — different musical performances for each night that reflected the diversity of sound and stage presence of Bushwick musicians.  Earlier performers included “My Sister in 1994” and “NatureBoy.”  The current exhibition, “Home Away from Home,” a series of large scale photograph portraits by multi-media artist Justine Reyes, is an absorbing exploration of family, loss, grief, dislocation and aging.  Its worth a quick trip to 43 Bogart to see the works before the exhibition closes on June 14th.