Serving up a brew in Bushwick’s newest bar. — Photo by Mimi Luse

Just in time for all the art hubbub this weekend, Brooklyn Fireproof‘s bar, The Alley, officially opened its doors yesterday.

Two years in the making, the bar will serve as a café and watering hole for the 100+ studio residents, employees, and various production crews working at the storied Brooklyn Fireproof Artist Lofts and their Nut Roaster video production facilities. It’s about time, because apparently the need around Ingraham and Richardson Streets was dire.  Kevin, who runs the Nut Roaster, jokes, “We wanted a good cup of coffee without having to walk all the way to Archive."  Understood.

Near the Morgan L stop, chances are everyone else living and working in the area will become regulars as well. A former boiler room, the place has an exposed brick wall and an already lived-in feel. Open days and nights, they are serving the fancy kind and the regular kind of coffee, good beer on a rotating list that “changes at the drop of a hat,” cheap wine at no more than $8 a glass, nice cocktails, and a $5 PBR+ shot of whiskey special until 9 pm.  

It is well worth mentioning that the place has free wifi access. Also, in a couple of weeks, The Alley will start serving a full menu and brunch — pancakes, waffles, eggs, the whoel deal. More to come from this reviewer on that subject.  

This weekend The Alley will be hosting a series of events to coincide with Bushwick Open Studios. This Friday, the bar is hosting an art opening afterparty to the painting show “Fortress to Solitude” at 56 Bogart Street. Spinning starts @ 10pm with King Eulas then DJ Josh Druckman (Chinatown 1, Disco Pete, Bsas) taking over. On Saturday, The Alley hosts live music outdoors under a tent, with Scott Liss starting an acoustic set at 6pm, and on Sunday, June 8th, Goldworld plays at 4 pm.

UPDATE: Apparently the name has been suddenly changed to Brooklyn Fire Proof (BFP) East. Rolls, uh, right off the tongue. Countdown until they re-change their minds and it goes back…

BFP East
119 Ingraham