Not much to look at, but Green Village Junk Shop gets the job done. — Photo by Diego Cupolo

Come thrifty shoppers, young and old,
Scour one man’s junk and find your gold! 

As Summer turns to Spring, and the sun reaffirms its annual presence in our northeastern sky, who among us wouldn’t benefit from new summer clothes?  The coats are being tossed in the closet, but what do you have to show for yourself underneath?  Or maybe the apartment you just moved into (which you no doubt found on BushwickBK’s invaluable real estate section) is a bit scanty in regard to decorations, and could use some art work?  How about cheap dishes, or used books?  Oh, you’ve got all that.  Can we interest you in a phonograph?

Green Village’s ancient wares. Click to enlarge.

For those who take part in the timeless poor man’s ritual of thrifting, there is no more paradisiacal a destination than Green Village Junk Shop on Starr Street (formerly in Williamsburg, before they were kicked out in 2004).  Two sprawling rooms sit side-by-side (one for furniture, one for everything else) in a warehouse of more than 10,000 square feet, rows of seemingly endless aisles, stacked to the heavens with such an arraying variety of items that it would take days to sort through it all.  That being said, there is an unusual level of organization to this layout, making it convenient for both the specific shopper and the general browser. 

Open six days a week (all but Saturday), there is a surprisingly rapid rate of turnaround for such a large collection according to owner Sidney, so if something catches your eye, grab it while you can.  Those hoping to sell/donate their own junk, however, will have to look elsewhere.

“Nah nah, we don’t do drop-off,” Sidney tells me, waving off the question as though it’s absurd to be asking.  Everything they get is picked up from organizations, so don’t show up with your old Fraggle Rock tapes hoping to strike gold like I did (joking, joking…they were Heathcliff tapes). 

If in the past you’ve considered this used-items scavenging practice too jejune for your tastes, maybe these financial times have made you reconsider.  Fear not, wary shopper, there are more than enough styles of clothing, furniture, and knick-knacks to suit all tastes, from the traditional, to the vintage, to the hipsterish ironic, and it is very unlikely that you will leave empty-handed.

And for the thrifting veteran, beware the alluring pay-by-the-pound clothing deal (only $2.00 a pound if you buy at least five pounds worth!), which can leave you — once you’ve walked out of the building and come down from your treasure hunting-induced stupor — wondering how the hell you’re going to get it all home.

Green Village Junk Shop
276 Starr Street | 718-456-8844