BW, left, and Dial Magnet by Bushwick artist Ariel Dill.

One typically thinks of Chelsea and Bushwick as opposite ends of a very large art spectrum. At one end, fabulously wealthy patrons shower money on the hottest artists of the moment, allowing galleries to compete for real estate with million-dollar-plus condominiums. At the other, the patrons may frequently be artists buying inexpensive pieces from each other, their precarious finances often compelling them to use their apartments as makeshift galleries in order to afford to make and show their work. So it might seem a bit strange — paradoxical, even, depending on your view of the art world — that these two practically opposite ends now meet on a lightly trafficked Bushwick street.

Jessica Duffett, an associate at Mitchell-Innes & Nash in Chelsea, is curating a show of emerging abstract artists at Lumenhouse this coming Saturday. The show is called “Euphoric Recall,” after a piece in the show by Lillian Kingery. BushwickBK caught up with Duffett at the recent benefit auction to find out how this unlikely situation came about.

“I was introduced to Aurora Robson of Lumenhouse by my friend Keavy Landreth, who runs the delicious Kumquat Cupcakery (which will be sponsoring this Saturday’s opening),” she said. The two women then hatched the idea for a show featuring West Coast artists.

While two of the artists, Daniel Ingroff and Lillian Kingery, live in Los Angeles and Portland respectively, the third, Ariel Dill, lives and works in her studio on Thames Street in Bushwick. According to Duffett, Dill’s paintings “bring together diverse influences from ancient ceramics to Native American textiles and European modernist painting,” and employ various layering techniques. She will be presenting eight new works at the upcoming show.

The gallerist is a big fan of the Bushwick art scene. “I have been really impressed by the quality of projects at the local spaces, and above all how wonderfully supportive and inspired the community is.”

Duffett credits her major introduction to the Bushwick arts community to Jason Andrew, director at Norte Maar. “He continues to connect me with artists and organizations in the neighborhood, and has really made me aware of what’s happening here.”

But do her Manhattan peers scoff at her involvement in Bushwick, as one might think? “So far they’re into it — I think everyone likes to see something fresh!”

The show runs until May 17, 2009, with a reception for the artists on Saturday May 2nd, 6–9 pm. Gallery hours are Saturday and Sunday, 12-5pm; weekdays by appointment.

Euphoric Recall at Lumenhouse
47 Beaver Street | 718-942-5395