$1900: Big, beautiful, modern loft in a great location. Everything is new but attractive, nice light even for being on the ground floor. Odd layout but well-done.
PETS OK | Troutman and Scott (roughly) | street view | Jefferson L

$1850: Gorgeous. Huge windows, beautiful old wood floors, high tin ceilings, central air, decent new kitchen/bath. Yes, the Opera House is known as an off campus dorm but it’s still a good product.
PETS OK | Arion and Broadway | street view | Myrtle JMZ

$5500: 5000 square feet means this is a hair over $1/sqft — that’s good. I assume this is a commercial and long-term lease, and if you have some savings (after the certianly whopping deposit on this place) you could probably build out a few apartments inside it and be a landlord yourself.
PETS OK | Melrose and Wilson | street view | Morgan L

$1900: It says “raw” but then mentions all the new kitchens and baths and bedrooms, so you’ll have to see what the deal is yourself. Either way, good location and probably a good price, and great windows!
PETS OK | Knickerbocker and Harrison | street view | Morgan L